Summer School 2017 (June 26-July 28)

summerSeptember School is the place to be in the summer!  September School is open to all students in the community through our summer school program! Our small classes are perfect for those looking to connect and meaningfully engage with their teachers and wider community. Classes are dynamic and responsive to student needs while helping them

Our credits are transferable to area public and private schools, please talk to your school’s counselor to verify that our classes meet your credit needs. Classes can earn students up to a semester’s worth of credit.

Classes are $500 each, with a $100 non-refundable deposit due when registration forms are turned in.

Our classes max out at 12. Sign up now while space is available! Please call the school at 303-443-9933 with any questions!

2017 Summer School Registration Packet

Morning Session (9 am-12 pm)

  • Precalculus Lab
    • Instructor: Suzanne Hillier, prerequisite: Algebra II
    • Students will work with the instructor through algebraic and trigonometric lessons typical of Precalculus courses.  This course is a condensed version of what is normally covered in a Precalculus class, and successful completion will prepare students for Calculus in the fall.
  • Writing For All Occasions
    • Instructor: Art Atkison
    • As the title suggests, students will learn how to write for various tasks and needs, from formal writing to creative endeavors.  Students can work on college essays, poetry, prose, correspondence, and writing for English and other classwork.  All grades and skill levels are welcome.  Students should bring a laptop/Chromebook to connect to Google Docs.
  • Entrepreneurship 
    • Instructors: Kelly Molinet, Forbes Danckwerts, and Sean Kloppenburg
    • Experiential class in social entrepreneurship taught by the head of school, a Watson Global Scholar, and a September School staff member.  Students will grow organic produce in an income-generating garden, design marketing and business plans, and learn basic skills around entrepreneurship.  Class will be a hybrid of on-site work around Boulder with various businesses and in-class work at the Impact Hub Academy.


Afternoon Session (1 pm-4 pm)

  • New Media Explorations
    • Instructor: Ayinde Chong
    • You are already an artist. Regardless of past experience, this class will support you in expressing your unique perspective while teaching you new skills. You will be introduced to media literacy while learning to hone your creative voice. You will think about the role your chosen medium plays in the communication of your ideas through your artwork. By exploring your individual creative process of producing works from concept to final output in full, you will determine the ideal medium for your class capstone project.
  • American Government
    • Instructor: Eitan Fire
    • Our country is based on laws. This class will focus on how laws create the foundation and structure for our government. We will engage in mock trials, class debates, research on how to protect our rights, go on field trips to the courthouse, and have judges and lawyers come speak to us. This is a great class for anyone who wants to improve their ability to think critically, speak better, learn about a career in law, and of course for anyone needing credit in Government.
  • Mindfulness-Based Psychology
    • Instructor: Eve Halpern
    • Through experiential class work, students will develop their personal power and take ownership of their lives and relationships.  Students will learn about psychological frameworks such as “the triangle”, “personas”, how to regulate their nervous systems, and develop compassion towards self and others.  Group process work will enhance students’ self-awareness, interpersonal growth, and emotional intelligence.