Overview, Goals & Philosophy

At September High School, we have thrived for over four decades as Boulder's longest running independent high school. In the fall of 1973, September High School was one of 5000 independent schools across the nation that opened their doors to students for the first time. Despite the heartfelt efforts put forth by many people, most of these schools were unable to sustain themselves over time. By 2001, all but 2% of these schools had to close.

September School has been successful in large part because of our energetic, committed faculty, who have inspired hundreds of students. We have cared for our community and, in turn, our community has cared for us; over the years we have transformed the lives of hundreds of teens in this community and our community has supported the school's growth into the thriving educational center that it is today.

We believe it is this mutually powerful relationship with our community that has sustained us over time. Students from September School graduate with well-rounded academic skills, in-depth exposure to the arts, and the experience of belonging to a community. This combination prepares the student well for challenges beyond high school. Over eighty percent of September School graduates continue their education at the college or university level. When they leave us, they leave prepared not only for college, but prepared for life.

September High School is an intimate and supportive community that fosters individual development and reawakens the love of learning. We empower our students to be critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and responsible citizens.

  • Academic Goals

    • To provide an educational atmosphere that fosters a positive attitude toward lifelong learning
    • To encourage academic strengths and interests and provide for their development
    • To teach the skills necessary for post high school challenges
    • To encourage learning that extends beyond the classroom and beyond the school day

    Individual Goals

    • To develop self-respect
    • To formulate a value system based upon the personal and social consequences of one's behavior
    • To learn the communication skills necessary to have meaningful lasting relationships
    • To develop internal controls rather than needing to rely on external boundaries

    Community Goals

    • To recognize personal responsibility in caring for our environment
    • To foster an environment that honors individuality, respects differences, and is welcoming to everyone
    • To achieve a harmonious co-existence with both our school and the larger community
  • We Believe in Honest Communication

    September School's commitments to small class sizes and a small staff to student ratio allow us to be the intimate and supportive community that our mission statement proclaims. Many new students come to us disenchanted with their former experiences, which is why we focus on reawakening students' love of learning. Staff and students develop close personal relationships based on trust and acceptance. The constant, honest communication between staff, students, and families keeps everyone on the same page, and it helps us build authentic relationships. Even when times are tough, our community works through conflict together, so that we may understand, resolve, and grow through our differences.

    We Celebrate Individuality

    At September School we celebrate individuality, and we encourage students to pursue their interests in becoming who they want to be. We welcome all students with patience and nurturing, so that they may feel comfortable sharing their whole selves with the community. We honor the differences between students' abilities and experiences by creating instruction that meets each student wherever he or she is academically, developmentally, and emotionally. Also, by asking students to reflect on and share their passions, September School is able to individually cater to students' interests as we ask them to stretch their boundaries and improve their abilities. Our emphases on goal setting and self reflection provide great platforms for student growth and, by openly seeking student input on issues of instruction and governance, our institution benefits as well.

    We Promote Critical Thinking

    In the classroom, students are encouraged to share the responsibility of finding solutions to their personal and academic problems. Our students navigate challenges by becoming critical thinkers, which is a process we facilitate by posing open-ended and compelling questions both in and out of the classroom. September School's program engages students by encouraging and expecting their participation in all aspects of their education. Through this process our teens find ways to broaden their thinking, which helps students move beyond both external and self-imposed boundaries.

    We Strive to Find Each Student's Passion

    September School believes that, when given the space and resources to discover and develop passions, students will be inspired to pursue their own lifelong learning paths. Each student is empowered to find his or her own truth as he or she learns the values of and means to self-advocacy. September School graduates leave our classrooms believing that challenges are opportunities to learn and grow, and they go into the world seeking experience and knowledge.

    We Support Personal Accountability

    Our focus on personal accountability helps our students become responsible, productive citizens. Because they have developed their personalities and talents, September School graduates become effective leaders in and contributors to community. Responsibility, respect, and accountability are common themes within our walls, which helps our students become positive members of society.

    September School has over 40 years experience reawakening students' love of learning! We invite you to come and experience for yourself, what makes us unique. Contact us to schedule a tour.