Alumni Center

painting“You leave not only prepared for college, but prepared for life.” 
— September School Alum

Every week, alumni from previous years come by the school to visit. After 35 years, September High School has around 1000 alumni! This is an amazing group of students who are proud to have been a part of the school and appreciative of the impact it had on their lives.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you are one of these alumni. Check out the September School Official Facebook Page and the Alumni Facebook Group and sign up for our email newsletter. These are great ways to keep in touch with the school and other alumni, and learn about upcoming alumni events.

September High School has remained successful for so many years because of the continued commitment from so many people in our community, people just like you. Help September High School continue to thrive by getting involved and/or making a donation. Thank you for staying connected!

Classic September School painting by Laura Garrison